Uma Technical Degree College
Diploma Courses

Course No 1 one year refrigeration diploma course ( D A R )

  • 2 Hours, Fee 1200/- per month One time payment 12000/-

  • Principles of refrigeration. Tools, Definitions, the principle of the working of the parts of the fridge. The definitions of refrigeration : Compressor of fridge, their types and principles. Room A C Split, A C Cold storage, I C Plant, Car A C. will be get done by the student and the system will be explained to him. The principle of tracing out the fault will also be explained.

Coure No 2 one year electrical diploma course ( D E L E )

  • 2 Hours, Fee 1200/- per month One time payment 12000/-

    • Principles of electrical, definitions and necessity.

    • Kinds of electrical, sources, tools and principle of checking.

    • Domestic wiring, fuse, main switch connection and overload protector

    • Commercial wiring, change over, rectifier, relay and volt meter.

    • Thermal hydroelectric power system and need.

    • Principles of generation, generator and need.

    • Alternator, Domestic appliances, repairing of heater, electric press, mixer, grinder, tullu pump, washing machine, greezer etc

    • Motor winding and operating

    • Winding of table fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan.

    • Kinds and winding of transformers. Precaution and Re- study.

    Course no 3 One year diploma in electronic equipment ( D E E )

    • 2 Hours, Fee 1200/- per month One time payment 12000/-

    • Transistor receiver, circuit study, plate assembling, bandswitch connection and tuning

    • Tape recorder, circuit study, assembling and checking stereo system theory, repairing asnd checking.

    • Black and white T V, block diagram, circuit study, location voltage checking and repairing.

    • Portable T V, circuit study , location, voltage measuring, repairing and checking

    • Olour T V , circuit study and tracing, repairing, alignment, general knowledge of other colour T V.s

    • Video camera ; theory operation, repairing, theory and shooting method

    • Emergency light: Voltage stabilizer, inverter , circuit and theory

    • Remote control: TV operation system and the study of other use ful circuits

    Course no 4 Computer Diploma Course

    • Time Duration-1 year, Fee 1200/- Monthly, 12000/- Total at a time of Advance

    • Fundamentals

    • MS-Dos

    • MS-Word & Power Point

    • Dbase

    • C++

    • Page Maker

    • Windows

    • MS-Office 2007

    • MS-Excell & MS-Access

    • Tally ERO 9

    • Corel Draw 12 & X5

    • Photoshop CS2 & CS3

    Course no 5 Diploma in Computer hardware & Networking

    • Time Duration-1 Year, Fee 1400/- Monthly 14000/- Total at a time of Advance

    • Fundamental of Electronics

    • DOS(System file, Batch File)

    • Windows

    • SMPS Repairing

    • Monitor Repairing

    • Key Board Repairing

    • Installation Printer & Repairing

    • HardDisk Partition & Installation

    • Internet, Networking

    • Floopy Drive Repairing

    • Sound Card Repairing

    • Mother Board Repairing(CardLable)

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